Short Bio

"Ben Martin" was started in 2003 by Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Martin Rotheneder and continued until 2015. Six albums were released, around 250 Shows were played and many great musicians joined the stage and studio together with Martin Rotheneder.

In 2016, Martin Rotheneder moved his solowork to his new project "Soulitaire" ( For a complete overview on all of his work visit


Melodies For Refugees (Compilation von Bernhard Eder, Song "Start A Movement", 2015)
Hunderttausend Teil Puzzle (Single, Violet Noise Records, 2013)
The Endless Stream Of Everything (Album, Violet Noise Records, 2013)
FM4 Soundselection No.25 (Song "Pirate Ships", Universal, 2011)
Born Under Dark Skies (Album, Violet Noise Records, 2011)
Worn Legs (Album, Violet Noise Records, 2007)
The Tiny Bits And Pieces (Album, Wohnzimmer Records, 2006)
FM4 Musik:Laden Vol2. (Download-Compilation, 2005)
Travelling (Album, Wohnzimmer Records, 2005)
FM4 Soundselection No.10 (Song "Television", Sony Music, 2011
That State Of Mind (Album, Wohnzimmer Records, 2004)